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Maruti Y9T is The Indonesian Suzuki Carry ?

Some folks at Gaadiwaadi.com have spotted an unpainted body shell and chassis of the Maruti Y9T LCV. The body shell, which was spotted along with a Maruti Eeco body shell seems identical to one that the Indonesian Suzuki Carry Pick Up has.

Suzuki's Future Product Plans (Part 6: The MPVs)

Future MPVs from Suzuki includes a new APV, a Toyota Innova rival codenamed RX, and a 3 Row version of the Wagon R. These Suzuki MPVs are developed for emerging markets, particularly India and Indonesia, where it has a relatively strong presence.
Suzuki Ertiga


Suzuki's Future Product Plans (Part 5: The LCVs)

Suzuki has been working on a couple of new LCVs: The Y9T, developed mainly for the Indian market, and a larger LCV to replace the current Indonesian-made Carry/APV.
The current Japanese version of Carry LCV

2015 - Y9T LCV

Suzuki has been trying to reach new segments in the Indian car market to increase their presence and status as the market leader. Apart from the utility vehicle (MPVs and SUVs) segment, the light commercial vehicle segment, currently being lead by Tata Ace and Ashok Leyland's Dost, is also one of the new segments that Suzuki's Indian arm, Maruti Suzuki, will attempt to reach.
The recently launched JDM Carry
Last year, it was confirmed that Suzuki is working on a new LCV aimed mainly at the Indian market. The new LCV is codenamed Y9T, and will be based on the recently launched Japanese version of the Carry.

Sources from Maruti Suzuki revealed that two prototypes have been dispatched from Japan and are now running various tests at Maruti Suzuki's Gurgaon plant.
The 0.8liter Diesel Engine
Power is expected to come from a choice of 1.0liter K-Series petrol engine, and Suzuki's first ever self-developed diesel engine. The diesel will be a turbocharged 0.8liter unit. The turbocharger will be provided by Turbo Energy Ltd. (TEL) based in Chennai as the exclusive turbocharger supplier for the engine.
Suzuki's 0.8liter diesel engine
Internal sources from Maruti Suzuki are saying that production of the diesel engine will start December 2014, with production capacity of aroung 6600 units a month or 80,000 units a year.

Maruti Suzuki is currently still working on several issued that engine has, particuarly ones related to it's NVH level.
Early 2015 Launch
The Y9T will be launched in the Indian market around January 2015, a year earlier than originally planned. The LCV will be produced at Martui Suzuki's Gurgaon plant. Exports to other countries could commence sometime later in 2015.

Although it has not been confirmed, a people carrier version of the Y9T could also be launched.

2015/2016 - Next Generation Carry/APV

Seiji Itayama, director of PT. Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS), Suzuki's Indonesian arm, has confirmed that they are currently working on the next generation APV, which will be launched after the completion of their new plant in 2015.
The current Suzuki Carry, a pick up version of APV, displayed at the 2014 Bangkok Motor Show
The next generation APV is expected to remain available both in commercial vehicle versions, such as the pick up (sold as Carry) and blind van, as well as passenger car versions.

Internal sources revealed that the new APV will have a longer front end, and a sliding door on it's sides. Suzuki has confirmed that the new APV will not be pushed up-market and remain positioned in the low-MPV segment as an alternative to the Ertiga. While the Ertiga is positioned as a passenger car, the APV is positioned as a semi-commercial alternative, focusing more on space and carrying capacity.
Passenger car version of the current APV
Power will come from small capacity engines, possibly a version of Suzuki's K-Series petrol engine. It is not yet known whether the engine will remain positioned under the front seats or moved to the front bonnet.

SIS hopes to launch new APV for the Indonesian market sometime in 2015, or 2016. Exports to other countries would follow soon after the local launch.


Suzuki's Future Product Plans (Part 4: The Hatchbacks)

Making small and compact hatchbacks has been one of Suzuki's core strengths. That is why in the near future, hatchbacks will still be one of Suzuki's main segments.


Monday, June 9, 2014

Suzuki's Future Product Plans (Part 3: The SUVs)

Suzuki has said that they are ready to introduce a host of new products within the next few years, and SUVs will be one of their key segments. The first new SUV to be introduced is a new B-segment SUV codenamed 'YAD', which will be followed by other new models.


Suzuki's Future Product Plans (Part 2: The Sedans)

Suzuki has a number of new sedans in the works. These three, the YL1, the new B-Segment sedan, and the DZire facelift have been spotted testing and will launch soon.


Suzuki's Future Product Plans (Part 1: Intro)

A recap of what we’ve known about Suzuki’s upcoming cars, starting from the soon to be launched Alivio/Ciaz sedan aimed at the Asian market, up to the next generation Swift arriving in 2016.

Suzuki Alivio Spotted Completely Undisguised in China

Suzuki Alivio has been spotted testing in China, interior revealed in several shots, to be officially listed in the fourth quarter of 2014. Exterior styling remains true to the concept shown in Auto China 2014.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Suzuki S-Cross Spied on Indian Roads

The Suzuki S-Cross has been spotted testing on Indian roads. The spy shots revealed interior of the car. Indian launch expected to happen early next year.

NewsRoundUp: Europe

Suzuki Swift with DualJet engine launched in Europe; Suzuki Celerio displayed at AMI Leipzig 2014;


NewsRoundUp: ASEAN

Suzuki Celerio Launched in Thailand; Suzuki Indonesia Starts Export of Wagon R to Pakistan


Updates on The New B-Segment SUV

New B-Segment SUV, codenamed YAD, to be unveiled in this year's Paris Motor Show, has been spotted testing. Mass production in Hungary's Magyar Suzuki plant and China's Changan Suzuki plant to commence in early 2015.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Suzuki Reveals Their New Automobile Technologies

Tokyo, April 16th 2014 - Suzuki Motor Corporation held a press meeting regarding their future automobile technologies, which consisted of four main items: The development of "next-generation lightweight platforms", "Integrated Starter Generator" mild-hybrid system, "improvement of engine efficiency", and the introduction of "Auto Gear Shift" transmission.

Next-generation Lightweight Platfrom

SMC's Executive Vice President Osamu Honda announced that Suzuki is developing three new lightweight platforms to replace four of their existing platforms used in products ranging from the Kei-car segment up to the C-segment. The new lightweight platform technology focuses on weight reduction strategies, and includes the development of 4 types of suspension, two types of air conditioning systems, and three types of front seat frame. All are modular and will be shared across different segments.
Suzuki Motor Corp. Executive Vice President, Osamu Honda, presented the new lightweight platform
Suzuki's new lightweight platforms will be able to reduce the total weight of the cars on which they are based by 15%. This is done by redesigning the main structure and position of joints, such as using a smoothly flowing shape instead of angular shapes, increasing thickness and reinforcing the tire house section, and new arrangement of the floor frame. These design strategies will also improve crash performance, rigidity, strength, and reduce NVH.

"Integrated Starter Generator" Mild-hybrid System

Suzuki aims to commercialize mild hybrid vehicles at an early date by combining an ISG (integrated starter generator) and the "Ene Charge" braking energy regeneration technology using a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. Braking energy is recovered by the ISG and will be stored in the battery. When the vehicle is accelerating, the ISG is used as a motor which contributes to driving the engine. The plan is to apply the new system first for mini vehicles targeted at the Japanese market, then for compact vehicles in the global market.
Integated Starter Generator (ISG)

Improvement of Engine Efficiency

Regarding the improvement of gasoline engine efficiency, Suzuki will focus on the development of a 0.66L engine for light vehicles (kei cars) and 1.4L or smaller-displacement engines for compact vehicles. It aims to improve average thermal efficiency from the current 33-34% to 40% (under the JC08 test mode) by early 2020.
Suzuki will focus on developing 1.4L and smaller-displacement gasoline engines
For light vehicles (kei cars), Suzuki will continue to improve the fuel-saving technology of the "Alto." And for compact vehicles, it will further improve the combustion technology of the "Dual Jet Engine."
The 0.8L will be Suzuki's first-ever in-house developed diesel engine
The company has also been developing a 0.8L two-cylinder diesel engine in house, aimed for LCVs and compact vehicles targeted at emerging markets, especially India.

New "Auto Gear Shift" Transmission

Earlier this year, Suzuki announced the introduction of "Auto Gear Shift" which is their latest development of AMT (automated manual transmission). The AGS shares it's basic structure with the conventional manual transmission, but instead of the driver, a device is used for operating the clutch. The AGS also features the "creeping" function like a torque-converter automatic transmission and CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).
The ASG automated manual transmission
Suzuki has applied the AGS for its "Celerio" compact car, which they started selling in the Indian market last February. And it is considering using the AGS for compact cars targeted at the Japanese domestic market.
Indian-spec Celerio equipped with "Auto Gear Shift"
(Source: response.jp, autoc-one.jp, http://techon.nikkeibp.co.jp/english/NEWS_EN/20140417/347061/)

Suzuki Thailand to Launch Celerio on May 29th

Suzuki's Thai subsidiary, Suzuki Motor Thailand is gearing up for the launch of the Celerio on May 29th. Prior to the launch, a media test drive event has been held. For the Thai market, the Celerio will be available in a total of 4 variants: GA MT, GL CVT, GLX CVT, and GLXS CVT. Official prices are yet to be released, but the Celerio is expected to be the most affordable eco-car in Thailand.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Maruti Swift DZire Facelift Spied Uncamouflaged

A few hours ago, a reader of team-bhp, an Indian car forum, posted a first ever spy shot of the facelifted DZire without any major camouflage.


Monday, May 19, 2014

A Recap of Suzuki's Latest Global Model Launches

In this first ever post on our blog, we would like to give you a recap of the latest global model launches that Suzuki has done in this past year.


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