Monday, June 9, 2014

Suzuki's Future Product Plans (Part 2: The Sedans)

Suzuki has a number of new sedans in the works. These three, the YL1, the new B-Segment sedan, and the DZire facelift have been spotted testing and will launch soon.

2014 - YL1 Sedan (Alivio/Ciaz)

The first new product to be launched will be a replacement for the SX4 sedan codenamed YL1. The new sedan is based on the same platform as the SX4 S Cross, and is a development of the Authentics concept revealed at last year’s Shanghai Auto Show. The car has been spotted testing numerous times since the second half of  2013, and trial productions in Maruti Suzuki’s plant have commenced.
Chinese-spec Suzuki Alivio
The YL1 was developed with Asia, particularly China and India, as it’s main market.  The new sedan will carry the “Maruti Suzuki Ciaz” name when launched in India later this year, while in China and other countries, it is more likely to be called “Suzuki Alivio”.

Power will come from a choice of 1.4litre and 1.6litre petrol engines, and either a 1.3 or 1.6litre Fiat Multijet diesel engine depending on the market, mated with an option of manual transmission or CVT automatic transmission.
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz spotted testing
Interior shot of Maruti Suzuki Ciaz
The YL1 is expected to be launched in India around July or August this year, while in China, it will reach dealerships in the last quarter of 2014. Launches in other markets will follow.

2015 - New B-Segment Sedan

Suzuki is also in the process of developing a smaller B-Segment sedan which will be positioned under the YL1. Prototypes of the car were spotted testing in China late last year.
The new B-Segment sedan spotted testing in China
Though the prototypes were fully camouflaged, the shots revealed that the new sedan could have a front end similar to the recently introduced Celerio hatchback, and an interior that features familiar Suzuki bits.

In China, the car is expected to be positioned as more of a budget sedan, replacing the current Changan Suzuki Lingyang, which is basically a revised version of the second generation Suzuki Swift sedan from the 1990s.
Interior shots of the new sedan

The sedan could also be produced in Thailand, participating in the local government’s eco car program. Back in 2012, it was reported that Suzuki is planning to produce a new eco car hatchback, and an eco car sedan in 2015. It is now known that the new hatchback is the Celerio, while the new sedan could be the eco car sedan they were talking about back then.

2014 - Swift DZire Facelift

Maruti Suzuki India is said to be working on facelifts for some of their most popular models, including the Swift DZire, which is basically a Swift with a boot attached to it's back. A lot of Indian publications are saying that they are planning to launch the facelifted  DZire sometime this festive season (Diwali). A few weeks back, team-bhp, an Indian car forum, posted a first ever spy shot of the facelifted DZire without any major camouflage.
DZire facelift front end
The shots weren't very clear, but from what can be seen, we can learn that the facelifted DZire will get a new front end, with new front headlights, front grille, and front bumpers, while the rear gets new bumper. The darker shade of the headlight, along with the chrome accents on the front grille and bumper, gives the new DZire a more upmarket fell. 
Rear shot of the DZire facelift revealed a new rear bumper
A shot of the interior shows that the facelifted DZire will be equipped with keyless entry and engine start system, shown by the presence of an engine auto start/stop button.
Interior shots revealed an auto start/stop button
No mechanical changes are expected for the facelifted DZire, which will remain powered by a choice of a 1.2-liter petrol and 1.3-liter diesel engine. An AMT option might be available in the future, but that will only happen if Maruti Suzuki can get enough supply of the new transmission from its vendors.

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