Monday, June 9, 2014

Suzuki's Future Product Plans (Part 1: Intro)

A recap of what we’ve known about Suzuki’s upcoming cars, starting from the soon to be launched Alivio/Ciaz sedan aimed at the Asian market, up to the next generation Swift arriving in 2016.
At an investor conference held at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki Motor Corporation revealed their formulated product plans for Japan, India, China, Europe, and ASEAN. It was revealed that between the end of last year and 2017, Suzuki will launch a total of 14 new products for India, 16 for the Japanese domestic market, 7 for each Europe and China, and 9 for the ASEAN region. Other regions, such as Latin America, West Asia, and Africa will get global products supplied by Suzuki’s production hub in Europe and Asia. The Latin American market will be served by Suzuki’s production facility in Hungary, India, Indonesia, and Thailand, while the West Asian and African markets will be served solely by Suzuki’s Indian arm.
In Part2, we will show you some of the upcoming products that has been either officially mentioned by Suzuki themselves or rumored in the automotive media. Some of them have been spotted testing and are very close to launch, while others are still in earlier stages of development.

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